Let's show off
that mug!

Let's show off that mug!

It’s time to build your personal brand.


personal branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement.

personal branding is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement.

what we do.

Personal Branding

LinkedIn Amplify

PR hacking

Virtual CMO

Web Design & Dev

Paid Advertising




people listen to someone who talks and acts like them. not a large corporation.

there's no question.
it's time to get your mug on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn amplify.

our best clients.


Become a trusted leader and influencer inside and outside of your company.


Build a relationship of trust with customers by building your personal brand.

Business Owners

Add another stream of leads to your company by becoming an industry influencer.

how it works.

1. define your message

We start by working with you to define and identify your message. We’ll help you better understand your core values, your purpose, your voice and your target audience.​​

2. optimize your profile

We’ll optimize your account across all key areas, so your profile rises to the top and is better recognized by both your ideal customer and LinkedIn’s algorithm.​

3. connection campaigns

We help you search for, identify and reach out to 100 hyper-targeted connections each day. These campaigns will build your audience, spark authentic conversations and establish you as a well-connected leader in your industry.

4. content generation

Other services write content for you. That’s a mistake. The most engaging content is authentic content from YOU! We sit with you multiple times per week to help you discover and share your own voice, thoughts and message.

amplify your voice opportunity influence

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let's get started.

It’s time to build your personal brand.  Mug can help.