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let's start with a case study

Blake Hansen is the owner of Alturas, a private holding company based in Boise, Idaho with investments in real estate and multiple operating companies. 

He was looking to not only generate leads for his current companies, but also find and create potential partnerships and investment opportunities.

Services we provided:

LinkedIn amplify


personal branding

web design and development

the results are undeniable

After nine months of Blake using LinkedIn amplify by MUG Personal Branding:

why does it
work so well?

In today’s world people hate being sold and they hate being told what to do. Nobody wants to buy something you’re selling unless it’s their idea to approach you.

LinkedIn Amplify flips the script. Instead of you trying to push your services and products on people with typical and annoying inbox messages, emails and calls, you simply generate valuable and engaging content, and that naturally attracts your ideal customer.

That means no cold calling for you and no hard selling. When they approach you – it’s their idea!

4 steps to amplify
your message

1. define your message

We start by working with you to define and identify your message. We’ll help you better understand your core values, your purpose, your voice and your target audience.​​

2. optimize your profile

We’ll optimize your account across all key areas, so your profile rises to the top and is better recognized by both your ideal customer and LinkedIn’s algorithm.​

3. connection campaigns

We help you search for, identify and reach out to 100 hyper-targeted connections each day. These campaigns will build your audience, spark authentic conversations and establish you as a well-connected leader in your industry.

4. content generation

Other services write content for you. That’s a mistake. The most engaging content is authentic content from YOU! We sit with you multiple times per week to help you discover and share your own voice, thoughts and message.

let's amplify your message!

LinkedIn amplify pricing starts at $2,000/month.  (Minimum 6 month engagement.)

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our best clients are:


business owners


let's answer your questions

Growth can vary, and the honest answer is, it really depends.  The connection campaign will gain momentum as we keep connecting with your target audience each day and building your personal brand.  For must customers, we experience about a 40% connection rate and add over 1,000+ followers per month

Nope!  Automation tools are against the LinkedIn terms and conditions, and we don’t want to put your account at risk.  We have a team of experts that do all the stuff the automated softwares do, only better – and without the risk of getting your account banned.

No.  Those tend to be our best clients because the best fit the mold of what we offer, but amplify works for all sorts of people.  Creatives, doctors, teachers… pretty much anyone that wants to become a thought leader and build opportunities by providing content to an ever growing network of followers.

Not very long at all.  Literally, as soon as we start connecting with your target audience, you’ll start receiving messages and leads.  But, the great thing is, what we do has a snowball effect.  The longer you keep doing it, the bigger and better it gets. 

Yes, we are helping you generate at least two posts per week, but we can also help you with writing and posting articles as well.  The cool thing is we tailor this program to what you need and what will best build your personal brand.  And we help you with the administrative hassles too.  Once you start doing this, your inbox will get filled up fast.  We help you manage that.  We help you like other people’s posts, like comments on your posts, and more.

We don’t have our clients sign a contract. (at this time)  But, we do generally ask that you commit to at least 6 months because it takes time to get your profile rolling.  Most of our LinkedIn amplify client engagements last about 8-24 months. 

If you’re going to do this, you don’t want to get a couple months in and quit.  And on the other hand, once we’ve been working together for a year or more, there’s a lot you can start doing on your own without our help anymore. 

We only send messages that you approve.  We can respond in some circumstances if we both agree that’s best, but generally most of the messages need to come from you because they are specific questions that only you can answer. 

The answer to this is a resounding yes!  LinkedIn is still a fairly new platform that hasn’t been tapped as much as the other platforms out there.  It provides an incredible opportunity to connect with your target audience and create a steady stream of inbound leads.  People are paying thousands a month for paid ads on Google or Facebook to get the kind of traffic LinkedIn amplify can generate.

When you invest in building your LinkedIn profile it’s kind of like investing in SEO… it takes a bit to get up and running, but in the long run, it will pay off big when you do it right.

six months from now...

Thousands of followers that see your message every day.  But not just any followers… hyper-targeted people that are the exact ideal client for your message.

New leads coming in every day.  No more cold calling and hard selling your services or products.  People come to you because they trust you as an industry leader.

Loads of content that will ALWAYS be there.  This isn’t like paid advertising that disappears when you stop paying.  You will have articles and posts that share your message and generate leads forever.

More credibility and opportunity.  When you put yourself out there and start providing value, you’ll be amazed at the opportunities it opens up for you and your business.

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Pricing starts at $2,000/month.  (Minimum 6 month engagement.)

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