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We’re a full service digital marketing agency that focuses on people.


personal branding

We take the time to listen, discover and explore what’s authentic about you, what will resonate with your target audience and what will differentiate you from others in your industry.

In most cases, this is a 6 to 12 month consulting engagement where we make  strategic decisions about how to position your personal brand, convey your unique story and best communicate your distinctive value proposition.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Weekly strategy meetings where we sit down and pull every morsel of information out of your head so we can bring it to life.
  • Personal brand road map that tells you what tools you should use to best build and promote your brand. (This could include recommendations and path forward on websites, funnels, PR hacking, social media, LinkedIn Amplify, photography, video and more.)
  • A completed personal brand guide that includes concrete guidance on your purpose, vision, mission, values, persona, competitive analysis, brand messaging, brand voice, visual identity (including logo)

price: ~$2,500 – $5,000/per month

LinkedIn amplify

You won’t believe how well this works.  Forget about paid advertising.  LinkedIn amplify fills your inbox with targeted connections, qualified leads, potential partners and clients that are asking to use your services.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • profile optimization – Get your profile updated and optimized so it effectively tells your story.
  • define your message – Clarify what to say, when to say it and how to say it.
  • connection campaign – Directly connect with clients that are looking for your services.
  • content creation – Create content that connects with your audience and builds your credibility within your industry.

To learn more about LinkedIn amplify, click the button below to see a recent case study.

price: ~$2,000/per month

web design and development

We build modern, responsive and downright cool WordPress websites.  The first thing we cover is why you need a website.  What is the purpose and how will it convert?  Then we professionally build it with clean code that’s just begging for search engines to find it!

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Professionally designed brand guide and website design.  We work with you through the entire process so it’s EXACTLY what you want. 
  • Expertly build WordPress website that has all the on page optimization already built in so you’re ready to crush it with your SEO.
  • We offer hosting, security and maintenance packages as well if you decide you need that. (Additional Monthly Fee)

price: usually ~$6,000-$12,000+

and video

A personal brand needs good photography and videography.  You can try to get around it if you want, but it will hurt you in the long-run.  One of the best ways to promote yourself and your brand is outstanding visual engagement. 

price: photography $500+ | Video $5,000+


Copy is the key!  It’s weaved into everything you do.  If it’s good, people don’t even notice, but they feel it!  If it’s bad, people really notice it.  The team at MUG knows how to create fresh and engaging content for your personal brand and your business. 

price: ~$50/per 50 words

PR hacking

We definitely set the right foundation when it comes to building your personal brand.  But there are also clever ways to get your name and your message out there.  We can help you get instant credibility and brand awareness by landing targeted press placements with top publications, media outlets and influencers. (We’re talking Forbes, NYT, Entrepreneur, Inc., etc…) By pulling a few strings we can generate some buzz around your name and within your target market.

price: $4,000 for 1 placement | $9,000 for 3

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